What Can I Recycle And How?

Paper & Cardboard


Mail, newspaper, magazines, phone books, cardboard, books, journals, cereal/food boxes, milk cartons, clean pizza boxes.


Paper towels, soiled pizza boxes, Tyvek mailers, TetraPack cartons, any food or oil contaminated paper, facial and toilet tissue.

Material Prep

Break down cardboard along seams and fold into pieces no larger than 3’ x 3’. Place shredded paper in plastic bags and tie closed. Remove and discard hard back covers of books.

Plastics & Metal Cans


Plastic containers with lids and labels with the recycle logo with a number 1-7.


All plastics without the recycle logo. All plastic bags, straps, bubble mailers, and all kinds of film even with the recycle triangle.

Material Prep

Empty and rinse. Labels can remain. Remove and recycle lids. Release remaining pressure from aerosol cans.

Glass Bottles & Jars


All colors of bottles and jars with lids and labels.


Light bulbs, crystal, ceramics, mirrors, window and plate glass.

Material Prep

Empty and rinse. Lids and labels can remain. Bag all glass together in a puncture-resistant bag, tie closed, and place in cart on top of other recycling. Max of 30-gallons per collection.

What Do I Do On Collection Day?

In Cart

Commingle all recycling loose in cart except glass.

Bag GLASS, tie closed, and place in cart on TOP of recyclables.

If there is an issue, we will place a notice explaining and asking for your help to resolve.

At Curb

Place cart with handle facing street at curb by 7am.

Allow us to collect by 7pm.

Place cart no farther than 3 feet from curb.

Place cart no closer to than 3 feet to an object along the street like a mailbox or parked car.

Back Door

This service is only offered if required by law or HOA or approved by EarthSavers on a case-by-case basis.

Place on driveway by 7am near house or garage with handle facing driveway.

Allow us to collect by 7pm.

Container can be no farther than 100 feet from street.

How Do Holidays, Five Week Months, Or Overflow Work?

Holiday & Weather

Visit our home page whenever in question due to holidays or weather.

We will note changes there within 24 hours prior to your collection day.

If no notice is listed, then assume we are on normal schedules.

We do NOT take off most “bank” holidays.

We DO take off New Year’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We will reschedule routes that fall on those holidays.

5th Week of the Month

Note that a month has 4.33 weeks causing there to be an occasional 5th Monday or other weekday. We do not collect on those days.

For example, if your collection is the 4th Monday of each month, do NOT assume the last Monday of the month is your collection day. It will not always be so. 

Over Flow

If you occasionally have overflow or miss a collection, simply bag your excess material, tie closed, and place beside your cart for the next scheduled collection.

An additional fee of $10 will be applied to your account and charged on your next invoice. For $20, you can ask for an extra collection between scheduled collections, if one of our routes is near you.

Request a 2nd cart if overflow happens often.

View our fees, select your service, and signup.